Sabtu, 19 November 2011

T-ARA CRY CRY Lyrics [ Hangul - Romanization - Translation ]



새빨간 장미처럼
가시같은 말로 날 찌른 너 Uh Uh Uh
넌 마치 문신처럼
지우려 할수록 깊게 패여 Uh Uh

Cry Cry Can’t you see the music
불꽃처럼 뜨겁게 You’re ma boy

Baby can`t you see that look at my eyes
슬픔에 빠진 내 두눈을 봐 Uh Uh
붉은 태양보다 더 뜨겁게
사랑했던 나를 울리지마 Ah Ah Let’s go

Break it! Come on Come on Yo
Make it! Come on Come on Yo
Take it! Come on Come on Come on

Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

BIG BANG - LOVE SONG Lyrics [Hangul - Romanization - Translation]


[TOP] 한 여자가 멀어져가 남자는 노래 부르지만
눈물이 나는걸 이별이란

[대성] 널 만질 수가 없는 걸 I know yeah eh
떨어지는 날 잡아줘 Hello

[GD] I hate this love song I hate this love song
I hate this love song I hate this love song
I hate this love song I hate this love song
I hate this love song I hate this love song

[태양] 이 사랑 노래가 싫어 다신 안 부르리
너를 떠올리지 않게 잊을 수 있게

[승리] 이 사랑 노래가 싫어 웃으며 부르리
그대가 외롭지 않게 지금 너에게로 난~~
ooh ooh ooh ooh woo

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

BIG BANG - STUPID LIAR Lyrics ( Translation - Hangul - Romanized )


oo hoo ooh-ooh ooh-ooh
Welcome back (How you doin ladies)
yoo hoo y’all already know what it is
ooh-ooh (you can’t touch this
YG and another Big Bang

I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid in love
I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid in love
How could you be so how could you be so
나는 널 못 믿어 (여자면 다 싫어)
네가 날 버려놓고 이제 와 이러면 난 또 무너질텐데
오늘 아프다며 밀린 과제 땜에 너무 바쁘다며
친구분들과 그냥 오붓하게 차한잔하게 잠깐이면 돼
또 맘 짠하게 나름 남자답게 보이려고 애써 모르는척 했어
왜 계속 똑같은 패턴 넌 입만 열면 거짓말을 뱉어
늘어난 너의 코 Like 피노키오
너의 진심이 뭔데 나는 네게 뭔데 못 넘어가 이번엔
Monday to Sunday 중에 나는 선택
Baby don’t lie to me oh

Minggu, 03 April 2011


[2011.04.04] Tony An - Mini Album
[2011.04.05] No Brain - Album
[2011.04.07] Rainbow - Mini Album
[2011.04.06] Kim Geu Rim - DS
[2011.04.08] Big Bang - Album
[2011.04.15] Block B - DS
[2011.04.15] Kim Jae Seok (Wanted) - Album
[2011.04.22] Heo Young Saeng (SS501) - DS
[2011.04.22] After School - Album
[2011.04.28] The Thorn Birds - OST


Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

B2ST’s Ki Kwang completes his first shoot for “My Princess”

B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang has finally filmed his first episode for the new MBC drama, “My Princess.”

Recently, the drama’s official me2day posted the following message: “Ki Kwang filmed as the assistant chef at the Royal Court, and was finally able to meet with ‘Princess-nuna’.”

To elaborate on Ki Kwang’s character, a representative explained, “Lee Ki Kwang completed his first filming for the drama, and his role is a unique character who doesn’t hesitate to call Kim Tae Hee, ’Princess nuna’.”

Apparently, Lee Ki Kwang’s character is a good looking man who has a sweet personality; he is someone who is able to attract the ladies, even during his kindergarten days. However, he later got tired of being popular and decided to enter the army early. It was when he ate a bowl of ramen made by a senior officer that he became interested in the world of food and flavor.

Stay tuned for updates on this intriguing character!’

Monday Kiz returns with “Love and Remembrance” remake on “M. Countdown”

After releasing their latest digital single, “Nostalgia“, earlier this week, the impressive vocal group finally made their comeback performance on “M. Countdown” with “Love and Remembrance.”

The song is a remake of the 1990s hit by g.o.d and was released as a ‘present’ for fans of both g.o.d and Monday Kiz. It also aims to showcase a new vocal style for the group, so be sure to check it out below!

Monday Kiz Come Back

B2ST to return with encore concert, “Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline”

B2ST has announced that they will be embarking on an encore run of their highly successful “B2ST Airline” concert!

The announcement was put up on the morning of January 6th through Cube Entertainment’s official homepage and through B2ST fancafes as well.

The concert was a huge success last year – it was hyped successfully through clever marketing, and the boys delivered impressive performances. It was even picked as the #1 concert music fans wanted to attend, according to a concert ticketing website.

Unfortunately, only 10,000 fans could attend the first concert, but B2ST plans to give fans another opportunity to catch the event through their Asian tour. Titled, “Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline“, the boys will kick off the tour with a two-day concert at Seoul’s Olympic Athletics Stadium on February 18th and 19th.

Details on the rest of the concert dates have yet to be revealed, but international fans are queuing up for tickets to the Seoul shows.

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

SECRET releases “Shy Boy” single + music video!

SECRET has finally released their comeback single album “Shy Boy” through online music sites.

Their title track, “Shy Boy”, was co-produced by Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum, and it’s a fun dance track in the swing genre. Their music video was directed by Johnny Bro’s Hong Won Ki and features an American retro background from the 60s as its concept.

SECRET will be returning through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on January 6th. Check out the MV for ‘Shy Boy’ and the track ‘No.1′ below. Remember to support them by purchasing the music.

[MV] Secret - Shy Boy

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

MBLAQ’s tracklist for comeback album, “BLAQ Style”, released!

A couple days ago, the boys of MBLAQ finally made their long-awaited return as they released their track “Cry” from their upcoming album, “BLAQ Style.”

Recently, they unveiled their full tracklist for the album, and heightened the buzz for its upcoming release.

01. Sad Memories (Intro)
02. STAY (**Title Track**)
03. Cry
04. Darling / 그대여
05. Throw Away / 버린다
06. Rust / 녹
07. Tonight
08. Wish You Hadn’t / 이러지 않았으면해
09. You’re my +
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah(C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. Different Beginning / 또 다른시작 (Outro)

MBLAQ will be releasing another track from the album on January 5th, so be sure to stay tuned for that update soon!

SNSD release “Beautiful Girls” music video featuring Yoo Young Jin

Beautiful Girls” is the bonus track off SNSD’s first live album, ”Into the new world“, and just moments ago, the music video for this song was released!

Check it out below!